The two posters that are also the Key Visual for the campaign.

This was the printed poster that was distributed for free with the program in the back, they printed thousands of it! You can't really see it in the photos, but the red is a neon color that looks just amazing in person. I love to see the poster in women's houses all over the world <3 

Campaign pins and tee.

Fer Cozzi, me and Yani Arabena in an event talking about  being a woman working in typography.

Mural design I did and passed on to Rojo Vivo Murales for them to paint.

The amazing Rojo Vivo Murales giving life to my mural – they did an amazing job! I went to Bs As for the inauguration and I got to sleep inside my mural, ha. This building serves as an artist residence and my room was on the top right window, with the pink hair ;)

The mural ready for Fuerza Hermana's inauguration night.

Hermanas hanging out around the mural on inauguration night.

Amazing women posing for a newspaper photo and mimicking the illustration – I loved this – and me celebrating IWD in front of my mural.

Fuerza Hermanas!

Other projects

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